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Custom Web development

Web development

We use a suite of server-side and client-side software technologies that involve a combination of database processes with the use of an Internet browser in order to perform certain tasks and display relevant information for the user(s) and/or your customer(s).

Fast web apps

We create Web Apps quickly and simply, such as: forms, grids, reports, calendars, interactive menus, customizable graphics with different metrics, styles and dimensions, summaries and much more. All apps allow you to export and create different files such as XLS, PDF, Word, etc.

Multi-Language Applications

We develop multi-language projects with support for more than 50 languages. Our data dictionary tool allows an efficient and simple structure for the translation of table names, fields and messages.

Real-time web applications

See changes in real time, save time and with just one click the application will be generated and executed showing you all changes, allowing a complete visualization of all data.

Custom web development

We develop efficient, easy to use, desktop and mobile friendly web pages creating a unique experience. Our web developers use the best up to date programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, JAVA and / or .Net depending on the customer needs.

We develop websites connected to databases and perceiving information in the browser, Secure sites with users and password for specific sections. All web development is custom made for the client, satisfying all of their needs.

An adequate content and system architecture allows us to create useful sites that provide a positive user experience and make them easily navigable and usable. We develop and we design high traffic web pages and sales oriented websites. Regarding technology, our range of tools includes design in HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, .NET, PHP and Java, among others.

Your success means our success, our web development is your business' best option.