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Custom software development

Custom made web and mobile apps

At DWDF we develop software tailored to the company or institution. We encompass the entire design and development process that ranges from the prior consulting phase (UX reserch) to the constant maintenance of the software, through design (UX / UI), architecture (OnCloud), Web or Mobile development, the Testing (User Testing), quality control, commissioning and technical support. In other words, we carry out the entire professional cycle of custom software development

To combine all this, we rely on the latest methodologies (SCRUM), which are adapted to each project of the company or institution using agile project management methodologies. In the same way we use web programming languages that allow software development to be modular and scalable, in terms of applications (Apps) we use native languages for IOS (Swift) - Android (Java).

The following video shows you a broader picture of how we work on software development:

Custom software and app development

> Development of software, ios and android applications as well as Mac and Windows software

What is Custom Software Development?

We make software adapt to the company and not the company to the software!

Development of completely customized software tailored to your company, we design and develop software to meet all the particular and specific requirements within the company.

We work directly with you or your development team throughout the process of custom software construction, which ensures that the software meets all the requirements agreed in the contract.

At the end, we deliver the 100% functional custom software and its source code under the highest quality standards, so that you or your company can use, reuse and / or commercialize the software freely throughout its productive life .

All of our software development is done under 5 schemes:

  • Web / Mobile software development
  • Software Development (App) for the IOS operating system (Ipad, Iphone, Watch).
  • Software Development (App) for the ANDROID operating system ( Smartphones y Tablets).
  • Software Development (App) for the WINDOWS PHONE operating system ( Smartphones y Tablets).
  • Desktop Software Development for Windows ® and Mac ®

Custom Web / Mobile software development

We specialize in web application development using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, PHP, MYSQL, SQL, ..NET, NODE JS and PYTHON. All our custom developments are compatible with all Desktop and mobile web browsers.

Development of applications for Iphone, Ipad and / or Watch

We develop mobile applications for the operating system IOS with native code, we take care of publishing in the public or private App store exclusively for business applications.

Development of custom applications for Android

We develop applications for android compatible with all the latest generation Android tablets and cell phones, creating fluid, interactive and intuitive user experiences that allow the end user to interact with the application in a very simple and even fun way.

Development of mobile applications for Windows

We transport any type of Windows desktop application and we portal it to mobile with the new Windows 8 mobile operating system for cell phones, tablets and Desktop.

Custom desktop software development

We cover any need for desktop software development and Mac® or Windows® are no exception, we have a group of experts perfectly trained to solve any manual process and take it to an intuitive application for any of these 2 operating systems.

Advantages of Custom software development

Some advantages that you can identify in custom software development are:

  • The software will adapt to your company or business.
  • The software can be developed modularly.
  • If the rules of your business or company change, the developed software can also do so without any problem.
  • Adaptations or communication modules to other computer tools may be developed.
  • By developing a custom software tool, you are guaranteed to have a solution that your competition doesn't have.

We design and develop custom software such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Project Monitoring Systems (ERP)
  • Notification Tracking Systems (Help Desk)
  • Human Resources Management Systems
  • Inventory and Sales Control Systems
  • Collection Tracking Systems
  • Online Sales Systems
  • Real Estate Management Systems
  • Real-time communication systems and Push notifications
  • Business applications
  • Migrations and systems improvement
  • Cloud web applications
  • Scalable applications on demand
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